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"Love. Love is the Essence of Life. Live a Life you Love."    ~Alexis Michel Angelo 



These are Alexis' most recent accomplishments and credentials: 

1.Author, “Short, Sweet & Sacred." A Crowning Achievement    August 2022                 

       (Part of a group of 50 transformational life coaches who share a transformational story)


2. Host/Facilitator/Participant

        A. "Divine Inspiration" Facebook Lives 

        B.   Various Mastermind groups

3. Event Coordinator   $500K   November-August 2022

       Extraordinary results in extraordinary circumstances. 

       Just this year, in a place where the norm is 80K a year,                                                          

 work and by the grace of God, achieved two 80k months,

obtaining record setting numbers of over $500K in just 8 months of events business.

​​ 4. Professional & Personal Development

        Alexis has studied under some of the best Master teachers in the world of transformation


                              1.Mary Morrissey.   Brave Thinking Institute. 

                                      This is a global personal and professional development coaching and training company. 

                                      Alexis achieved these accomplishments: 


                                                  A. Dream Builder Program

                                                       1. Professional Coach. Achieved Provisionally Certified Coach,  June 2021.

                                                        2.“Dream Builder Live.”  Weekend Seminar. January 29-31,2021

                                                        3.Certificate of Completion of 12 week  program. Nov 2020-Jan 2021


                                                   B.  Brave Thinking Program

                                                          1.Completed a one year Masters Class  



                               2. " Marci Shimoff.  "Happy for No Reason,"   Graduate, June 2021.                                                                                                                                              One of only a select number of  people to take this course.                        





 5. Alexis's Education Credentials: 

 1.Bachelor of Arts Degree.  St. Francis University                                                                           

      Achievements: Returning Adult Student.  Dean's List 

      1st Place, Franciscan Creative Writing Arts Contest 


  2. Associates Degree.   Mt. Aloysious.                                                                              

      Achievements: Returning  Adult Student.  Cum Laude graduate






6. Divine InSPIRITation


InSpired by

God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit,

our Dear Blessed Mother,  the Angels & Saints,

and an attitude of Gratitude...

7. Contact Information:




1.Alexis Michel Angelo, Inspirational Speaker & Consultant

2. Divine Inspiration

Website: Alexis Michel Angelo | Dream Builder Coach



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