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"Love. Love is the Essence of Life. Live a Life you Love."    ~Alexis Michel Angelo 
  Alexis inspires...

Parlaying her career expertise in: 

Special Events, Public Relations,

Marketing and as a Lifestyle Director,


Many people know Alexis to be a 

 wonderful Wedding and spectacular Special Events planner

and lovely Lifestyle Director, 

She is these things and now, more: 

Alexis is now also an

Inspirational Consultant,

Speaker, Writer &Author 

 Love is the essence of her life. 

Having gone through life changing, transformations in her life,

Alexis loves to inspire people.

She welcomes the opportunity to inspire you....

         Alexis presents "Love" with grace, ease, kindness, creativity, enthusiasm     

laughter and reflection while engaging to enhance, enrich and inspire. 



The Pearl

Alexis' consulting and speaking is like a Pearl: 

Beauty. Brilliant. Classic.  Luminescence. Treasure. Wisdom.  

 Alexis shares the magnificence... simple, yet profound.





Alexis'   "Love"

When you need: 

 Love and or Inspiration

a gentle guidance, a calm soul or a vibrant dynamic

a friend, smile, a laugh, happiness, positive energy

 a Partner in Believing....

support, with your dream, 

creative vision or vision board,

to enhance and or enrich your life,

or that of your friends, family, associates, employees, 


When you need to be on retreat 

or need a guest speaker for a retreat

and or business meeting, gathering...

Contact, Alexis










These are Alexis' most recent accomplishments and credentials: 

1.Author, “Short, Sweet & Sacred." A Crowning Achievement    August 2022                 

       (Part of a group of 50 transformational life coaches who share a transformational story)


2. Host/Facilitator/Participant

        A. "Divine Inspiration" Facebook Lives 

        B.   Various Mastermind groups

3. Event Coordinator   $500K   November-August 2022

       Extraordinary results in extraordinary circumstances. 

       Just this year, in a place where the norm is 80K a year,                                                          

 work and by the grace of God, Alexis achieved two 80 k months,

obtaining record setting numbers of over $500K in just 8 months of events business.

​​                                               __________________________________

4. Professional & Personal Development

Alexis has studied under some of the best Master teachers in the world of transformation

over the last three years: 


                              1.Mary Morrissey.   Brave Thinking Institute. 

                                      This is a global personal and professional development coaching and training company. 

                                      Alexis achieved these accomplishments: 


                                                  A. Dream Builder Program

                                                       1. Professional Coach. Achieved Provisionally Certified Coach,  June 2021.

                                                        2.“Dream Builder Live.”  Weekend Seminar. January 29-31,2021

                                                        3.Certificate of Completion of 12 week  program. Nov 2020-Jan 2021


                                                   B.  Brave Thinking Program

                                                          1.Completed a one year Masters Class  



                               2. " Marci Shimoff.  "Happy for No Reason,"   Graduate, June 2021.                                                                                                                                              One of only a select number of  people to take this course.                        




Love your Life! 

"Let Love Lead..."    

~Alexis Michel Angelo  ~

       This is one of Alexis  "guides" 

it is based upon 1 Corinthians 14

Let Love lead you...

contact Alexis to guide you and or your group 

Alexis speaks at

 Meetings, Businesses, Civic & Social groups,

Trade shows, Churches, Organizations

Alexis gently guides silence,

listening to the whisper in one's soul. 

Happy and Grateful

with an Attitude of Gratitude






as she places these as a lifestyle into her life,

consulting, writings, speaking and sharing presentations.

Alexis is Heart Centered & Faith-Based

Divinely Inspired

by God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, our dear Blessed Mother,

the Angels & Saints,

"Divine Inspiration" is the name of Alexis' Facebook Lives.

She shares both active and contemplative charisms 

  of Love (St. Theresa of Lisiuex)  and Peace (St. Francis of Assisi)

Alexis holds both:

                                                       1.Bachelor of Arts Degree.  St. Francis University                                                                              Achievements: Returning Adult Student.  Dean's List 

1st Place, Franciscan Creative Writing Arts Contest 

                                                                    2. Associates Degree.    Mt. Aloysious.                                                                                 Achievements: Returning Adult Student.  Cum Laude graduate




1.Alexis Michel Angelo, Inspirational Speaker & Consultant

2. Divine Inspiration

Website: Alexis Michel Angelo | Dream Builder Coach



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