Love.  Life.


Alexis is a

heart centered inspirational  

 Life Consultant


 Love is the essence of her life.

Alexis inspires to: Love, Believe 

and to Love your Life. 


She will help you to "Love your Life!" 

through various ways to enhance, grow, believe... 



She shares the magnificence

of something simple, yet profound.



The Pearl


Alexis' love, belief,

sharing and  speaking engagements are like pearls: 

Beauty. Classic. Wisdom. Priceless. Treasures. Gifts.  

She will help you to

Love your Life! 

Alexis parlays

being both Active and Contemplative,

 Charisms of Love (St. Theresa of Lisiuex)

and Peace (St. Francis of Assisi)

and listening to the whisper in her soul,

into her writings, speaking and sharing presentations.









Alexis has spoken before/to:

Businesses, Civic & Social groups, Trade shows, Churches


Her career features:

Special Events, Public Relations, Promotions and Marketing, 



Alexis has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature

as graduate of St. Francis University.

There as a returning adult student, she made the Dean’s List and

won the Franciscan Creative Writing Award.


 Alexis also has an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from

Mt. Aloysious College where as an returning adult student,

she graduated with Honors. 



Alexis has a creative, happy, spirit and a servant’s heart  

helping and inspiring people to make the world a better place.

Alexis lives near the beach and loves: God, love, pastel roses and the beach

She wishes you: Love. Belief, a most Inspiring, Blessed day 

and to 


Alexis desires to leave

a Legacy of













  Alexis inspires...

Parlaying her career expertise in: 

Special Events, Public Relations,

Marketing and as a Lifestyle Director,

she now inspires...

as an Inspirational

Consultant, Speaker, Writer.




Social Media:



1.Alexis Michel Angelo, Inspirational Speaker & Consultant

2. Divine Inspiration