Divine Inspiration    

Love & Inspiration   

This is until February 27, 2021

A. Daily Love & Inspiration

 1.Noon Zoom. Group. Zoom. Share & Manifest Dreams. Monday-Friday.

2.Private Facebook page

3.A Daily Affirmation & or Bible Verse of Day’s Theme/Topic On Facebook page


B. Monthly Love & Inspiration

  1. Special event and or Activity. Group

Enjoy teas, Share dinner together….on Zoom

When time and situation permit, in person.

  1. Dream/Reflection Time.…                                        As a Group. About Half Hour.

Noon Zoom Saturday. Every other Saturday. Beginning February 6, 2021.

 C.  Special Gift

On occasion, a special gift like a trinket

or a small box of chocolate….


 D. Bonus Special Gift

 Private time with me, Alexis.A half hour via zoom, call, email once a month to share and manifest your dreams

( home, car, health, wealth, happiness).

Most likely at 1pm on a certain Saturday but could be planned another time.

I, Alexis have the option to cancel any meetings that may be uncomfortable…

  E. Payment

For the month of February 2021 : $30 per month per person suggested but you may pay your “love gift” in the amount that you wish.

Payment options for now:

  1.Paypal:  PayPal.Me/AlexisMichelAngelo


  3.Check: Contact me for more information

February Topics

1. Monday Miracles

2. Tuesday Health

3. Wednesday Wealth

4. Thursday Home (s)

5. Friday Car (s)

6. Saturday Career

8. Monday Friends & Family Neighbors

9. Tuesday Beach

10. Wednesday Presence

11. Thursday Warmth, Comforting, Nurturing.

12. Friday Self Love

13. Saturday Desires of your Heart “Ring” in Love. Dating, Engage. Marriage.

15. Monday Holiday/Vacation

16. Tuesday Self Care

17. Wednesday Sweetness & Kindness

18. Thursday Communication

19. Friday Hope & Healing

20. Saturday Soul & Spirit

22. Monday Birthday

23. Tuesday Confidence

24. Wednesday Companions.

25. Thursday Inspiration

26. Friday Fitness

27. Saturday Celebrate. Month in Review

Join Zoom Meeting https://us05web.zoom.us/j/89320209067...

ID: 893 2020 9067

Passcode: k39RmQ

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee anything specific to manifest in anyone’s life. This is just a fun way to gather, share, inspire as we all manifest our wishes and dreams.

Alexis Michel Angelo

is an Inspirational Speaker

& Life Consultant. 

She also hosts inspirational talks, roundtables, retreats…

Contact her at:  

alexismichelangelo1@yahoo.com or via cell: 239.776.5458.