These are my intentions for You, through having me speak or share the “Divine Inspiration” 

May you be blessed with one or more of these results:

 1.Be Divinely Blessed​. Have Inner Peace. And, then be an Angel as you inspire and help others in this world.


2. Have a Thankful & Grateful Heart. Be a more Blessed Being.                                                                                                                                                    Be a Gift to Yourself, then be a Gift others.                                                                                          


3. Live the "Little Way."  Do little things with great Love.

Speak Softly. Live your life softly.   

4. Enjoy the Beach or a Mountain or  a Church or a place You LOVE. 

 Listen. Hear the Whispers in your Soul.  And, God’s silence.

5. Let your light shine for others to see.                                                                                                                                                                                            Other People will appreciate and value both you and your Worth, like a pearl, a treasure.


6. Be Creative. Laugh. Be Happy. Relax

7. Be a Miracle. Expect Miracles. PRAY.  Have Faith.        


8. Realize your own Beauty. You are Beauty and Beautiful. 


9. Enjoy friendships. Confidence. Clarity. Strength.

10. Love   &    Believe 


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