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Alexis Michel Angelo 

Life Consultant 

Love Your Life! 

I am a Heart Centered, Faith Based, Life Consultant

who inspires others to create the life they love, the life of their dreams.... 

I am also a Speaker, Presenter, Facilitator, Organizer. 

Perfect for:  Individuals, Small groups, Churches, Organizations, Businesses, Companies…

 Presentations are of Warmth, Comfort, Care, Nurturing, Believe, Creativity, Happy. Peaceful. Fun 

for you to

Love  Your Life! 

Clean Beach


Life Consultant

Currently enrolled in these

Educational Professional and Personal Developmental Programs:

1. One of the best programs on the world, yes, world, globally: a one year Dream Builder Life Coach program. This is a genuine course, tests...etc to be certified. 

2. Lauren Brollier’s Dream Builder program to further compliment the teachings. She is one of the best coaches in the world. I am delighted to be working with her. Her mentor is Mary. 

3. Year in Miracles. Dr. Sue, Marci and Lisa along with great special guest professionals.

4. Sheryl Anjanette. Consulting with her for the next six months. She is wonderful, calming and a talented marketing professional as well as trained in other dimensions. This will help being a broader depth and breadth nurturing my career. 

5. Life on Fire. A Christian based year long professionally and personal development. Nick and Megan are a faith filled couple who love to serve God and help others serve God.


Life Consultant

Just completed these

Educational Professional and Personal Developmental Programs:

1. January 2021 Dream Builder Live. Seminar. Mary Morrissey Institute of Brave Thinking. About 7000 other people!

2. January 2021 Certificate of Completion of 12 week Institute of Brave Thinking: Dream Builder program.

3. Kerry Terepindo courses. Completed at the same time taking the Dream Builder, two of Kerry’s courses. One a 3 day, “ One thought Away” and the other a 5 week course, “ Unshakeable Confidence .”

4. Took aspects and time “Life on Fire,” Gina, Tony, Dean and other people in this profession, took their one hour, and or daily programs at the same time as the Dream Builder 12 week course.

5. Took Sheryl Anjanette's  one week program same time as 12 week DB. Course.

6. Listened to Lauren’s Brollier’s Facebook lives and teachings while taking DB courses.

7. Listened to Dr. Sue and Marci’s offerings also while taking the 12 week DB.


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